VBA Visual Basic for Applications

VBA -visual basic for applications

What is VBA?

VBA is the Microsoft programming language and is essentially a programmed series of actions.  These series of actions are written in VBA.  These programmed actions can perform simple or complex tasks and can be used to automate any Microsoft Application.  Including Excel, Access, Outlook, Sharepoint, etc.

VBA is great at automating repetitive and monotonous tasks by programming the Microsoft Applications to perform the actions automatically as opposed to manually by a person.  A Excel macro can perform an automated task in minutes that would take a human hours to perform manually and also reduces the risk of manual error as all actions are being performed automatically by the computer.

Examples of what VBA can do…

Excel VBA:

Excel VBA can enable you to automatically perform any excel action programatically.  The VBA excel macro will perform all the steps automatically using the computer instead of a person having to manually perform the actions.  This automation can save a lot of manual processing time and increase efficiency.

VBA can automate formulas, filtering, performing complex logic functions, conditional statements, loops, validation logic, etc.  You can literally program Excel to perfrom an entire process from start to finish programatically without the user having to do anything but click Run Macro.

You can even write your own custom Excel Formula’s using VBA or just automatically perform simple tasks.  Excel VBA can even communicate with other Microsoft Applications like Outlook and Internet Explorer.  Enabling you to automate tasks outside of Excel.

Access VBA:

Add increased functionality to your Access database.  For example performing complex queries, creating tables, analyzing data, creating emails, etc.  Any action you can perform within a Microsoft Application can become an automated process using VBA.

Internet Explorer VBA:

Create internet explorer automation using VBA.  Internet Explorer is the Microsoft internet browser and can be controlled programatically using VBA.  Typically you will initiate IE control from Excel or Access.  You can take a list of values from Excel and pass it to the web browser to perform searches.  Or you could program Excel to have access to you gmail account and perform automated email tasks.

Outlook VBA:

VBA can be used to automate Outlook.  Enabling you to build programs that auto send emails or process replies.  VBA can be used to pull Outlook data into Excel, Access or just purely work with the data in VBA only.

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